The Imperfect Storm

It's Tuesday and we're coming out the other side of a large, multi-stage snow occurrence. I don't know what the official reports are but I'd say we had 12-14" here, starting last Friday and actively snowing until yesterday about 1430 h.

At that point yesterday afternoon, the heavy snow stopped, the temperature came up and it began to drizzle. As soon as the snow stopped, I suited up and slogged out the the tractor, started it up and began digging out the driveway and parking area. I had Ashton come out and clear around the front porch and then move the 2 cars that were snowed in, so I could clear their spaces.

The rain increased the whole time I was working outside and when I finished a little over an hour later, I was soaked. The temperature stayed above freezing overnight and the thaw continued.

When I got up this morning there was a significant reduction in the amount of snow on the ground. I've never seen a major snowstorm reverse this quickly. It usually takes a couple weeks for a deposition of this much snow to gradually go away.

Ashton's been home yesterday and today because they kept the school closed due to bad road conditions. I think we'll be going to Safeway in a little bit, in my little car. I'm not sure which route we'll take but I'm pretty sure the forest road will be alright.

Except for my sortie to plow yesterday, I haven't been out of the house, except for morning coffee on the deck, since the snows began so I'm needing to stoke my gumption engine to get back out there. It's quite easy to pull back and spend more time in the feet-up position when things get weird.

So writing on this blog is one of the steps I'm using to begin enlarging my sphere again.

More later,

p.s.- and we never lost power!


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