Back for a touchup!

Slept well last night, for a change. It's still very cold out and I noticed the hose bibb on the back deck is frozen. I'll need to pull out some insulation and a cover to keep it from causing more damage. Will see to that after this.

No big plans today. Need to work on some new comics of Smudge. I find that I usually do those best in the evening after everyone else has gone to bed and I'm watching TV. It's nice to just sit and draw until something appears before me.

I also need to get back to some lightning painting sessions. Haven't done anything in a week or so, and haven't done anything but acrylics for months.

Spent a few hours yesterday trying to find out how to send encrypted emails and ultimately failed. You have to buy a Digital Certificate or ID from a big company and it the lowest I found it for was $49/year.

I wanted it to send a pdf file to the financial planner and I didn't want to drive into town to do it yesterday. After spending about 3 hours researching it, I decided that I would just wait and group it with some errands.

I'm trying to remember some of the dreams I had last night but I can only get a fleeting sense of them right night. Dreams are always good things blog about because they give me a chance to consider the substance of the dream and they are usually a jumping off point to an exercise in imagination and I need that as much as I need physical exercise. Well, almost as much as the physical exercise.

I got a late start on the day so I better cut this short and get a few more things done.

More later,


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