Use it or lose it.

More and more, I find myself reaching for words I can't readily find and yet I haven't taken the time to see the event as more than a passing inconvenience. Today, while meditating, it struck me that, as my brain ages and settles, it will require more preventive maintenance on my part. Just like everything else that involves the unnatural order required in nature's attempts at advanced technology.

    In the case of my language centers, I think this means composition, even in it's simplest form. So for my penance, I will blog and make a vow to repeat this exercise on a more regular basis. Of course, this includes rigorous editing of everything I write. In some ways, I believe the editing engages the important centers more than the original writing.

   I won't lie and say that my hands and their connection to my brain are not in need of some overhaul and lubrication as well. It has been some time since I sat me doon at the device and spilled forth as fast as I could. When that was my habit, I believe that my brain benefited greatly, and my hands and fingers were much stronger and adept at transducing my thoughts. There is no downside to this drill unless it is the reading of it by someone other than myself. So, I apologize to anyone who might accidentally read this, or anything else I've written. The only thing I can tell you is that reading poor writing is better than not reading at all, and I invite you to take pride in knowing you could do a better job. In fact, you should, if only for the sake of those few synapses you might save from being culled a day earlier than necessary.

   Today, as I write, I will not attempt to organize my thoughts into anything more than a rambling dispatch that follows my thinking. I have nothing to offer and it's better that I don't wait for anything sensible to appear before my foogy* frontal lobes before I type it. That is not the point of this writing. It is simply to, once again, reinforce the connections between my brain and the machine in front of me.

   And so I close with one additional apology for taking your time today and congratulate you for your persistence.

More later,

*- I originally meant to type "foggy" here but, after correcting the word, I decided that I liked it better for its intended use and meaning and so, changed it back.


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