It's been a while.

Long time, no write, etc. I feel much better than I did the last times I wrote in this blog. A confluence of things led me to a dark place from which I could not escape. Trapped inside a sideshow No-Fun House which lacked an exit sign.

It took some time but the Grand Ship of Beek righted itself and returned to it's course. I, for one, am  very relieved. I felt bad inside for along time. Longer than I felt comfortable with. Now I'm back to drawing and carrying on through my days, listening to books and enjoying my pathetic little cloistered life here. It's a prison, but at least it's my own cell.

My drawings are improving. One thing I never had back in the Neuraxiom days was consistent production. That's not a problem now.

Sue's off today. Worked last night and it will be a busy day here.

More later,


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