Oh, to be young again, or even once.

I remember being young and not enjoying it all. That's too bad, it was my only chance and it seemed to go on forever. That's the way it seemed why you're immersed in it. But grow up a little and the excitement begins and you forget to look back on how you wasted the time when you really were young, powerless and without real worry.

So things are going well. My major depression has up and flown off to more gloomy climes. That's a tough metaphor to make stick here because of the winter we've been having. It's hard to believe there are gloomier places than this, at least in terms of weather. But it always sunny in Philly and we laugh all the time here at my house, so no worries, mate. (I've been watching a documentary series about outback truckers, can you tell?)

Yesterday I got a bug up my fundament and went online looking, at first for a larger monitor to consolidate my workspace here, but in the end ordered a new computer. By this morning I was riddled with large lesions of Buyer's Remorse. I don't usually get it this bad, but that's because I normally spend weeks grinding a decision into microscopic powder. I spent about three hours solidly combing through Youtube video reviews and websites over this All-in-One computer by HP with a 34" curved LED backlit screen and then just decided to cut to the chase and go for it.

It was $2000 so I didn't bet the farm on it and I need to quit making excuses for doing it. Neuraxiom was going to have to buy another computer as soon as this old workhorse coughs up something important and it would be better to replace it on a non-emergency basis AND I didn't want to get another bargain basement system to hook up pall my old stuff too.

It will take about two weeks to get it and that will give me time to make myself sick second-guessing myself. By the time it gets here I should be in a real tizzy.

I'll also have to clean up and rearrange my office to accommodate the new arrival so that will be good. Plus, it has a huge curved screen. Enough!

More later,


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