Whatever sticks to the ground when it falls, counts!

Again, I'm not gone, I just don't write here everyday. In a way I miss it and only by forcing myself to it will I be able to keep my hands and brain sharp. I haven't been totally slacking and watching game shows on TV. (By the way, Chuck Barris died yesterday.) I've been drawing and improving at my drawing. Drawing for hire, that is.

It's not a quick and seamless journey though. The majority of the time is spent finding and interpreting the right ultrasound picture to illustrate. I have to keep reminding myself that the customer is always right and I'm not drawing these for myself. I am enjoying it, though. 

I can easily get lost in the act of detailing and the more work I put into it, the better it looks. I'm not where I'd like to be yet. My drawings are still rough cartoons and only occasionally do I stumble onto a technique in a small portion that resembles reality. If not reality, then a believable substitiute. But again, it is only in a small section of the picture that this occurs. 

I need to do more with my down time. Instead of watching a movie, I need to read, to draw, to study on others' drawings to find parts of the interpretation that I am missing. Now that I'm drawing at leisure I don't have to hurry through the process just to get an article up on the internet. I need to improve my skills to produce something that might live beyond me for a little while.

Enough of this. I better get on with what I write about doing.

More later,


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