The Camera Pans to Monday

Another of the same kind of nights, enough about that except to say that by 8 o'clock in the morning I don't even remember why I'm trying to sleep, whether it is to sleep or to dream.

Last night, or probably this morning, I had a dream where I am in bed and I hear a noise in the other room. I say, "It's the kitchen window," and I get up and grab my pistol. Now, keep in mind, that this probably stems from a book I'm reading in which things like this happen. They are not the standard in my little life. Anyway, I take my pistol into the kitchen prepared to do what I need to do and something happens and there are more people in the room with me and the person who broke in through the window in apologizing and his focus has shifted to leaving because he now has a 5 cc syringe with about 2.5 to 2 mls of some dark blue substance sticking out of the middle his back in the midline. It's right in the midline as though it's in the vertebral column and it is fully inserted and up to the hub. There's no way he can reach it and somehow I understand that whatever it contains, if even slightly injected will kill or permanently paralyzed.

He's moving around slowly and very carefully, trying to show that he's no longer a threat and asking that he be allowed to leave. Even though he could not see the syringe, he somehow knew what it was and what was happening. Some of the other people in the room are putting up a tough show to him, be threatening and exploiting their advantage, I was trying to figure out the syringe and how it came to be where it was and what it had inside it and whether some of the solution had already been injected, it was only about half full when I saw it. He looked OK from the outside but I had no idea how he was feeling.

I said it was OK for him to leave and he began to go when I asked him if he would like me to remove the syringe before he left. After all, if he were going from there to an emergency room or some place like that, there was a good chance that he might accidentally lean back on it and inject some more of the solution. He looked at me for a moment, obviously weighing the pros and cons and then agreed without moving his head.

I walked around to his back and reached out for the syringe slowly. I wondered what was the best way to remove it and decided on the quick pull. I wrapped my hand around the barrel of the syringe and quickly pulled it out of his back. The needle was only a couple inches long but it must have been long enough to do the job because there was no other reason for a syringe and needle to be in the room.

He walked quietly out of the room and that was the end of the dream.

More later,


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