Feeding the Birds

Woke up this morning and looked out the window to see it had snowed during the night. It was a pleasant surprise. It's continued to snow all day so far but we are comfortable here in our nice warm, dry house. It's important to recognize the simple things.

Ben is at work again so it's Ashton and me at home and we're watching The Shawshank Redemption, a great movie.

Before movie time I messed around with the Crayola Makers on watercolor paper and sprayed water. It was an interesting effect. The advice I got was right; you need to use a heavy paper, at least 140# to keep the paper from swelling up and rippling allowing the water to pool and run off. Although, the pooling and running has some interesting points and I need to play around with that too.

I had plans to paint today but things changed and I decided to spend the afternoon with Ashton instead. I still have to see whether freezing leftover acrylic paints keeps them good for a while longer. I'll need to find a picture to paint first.

That's probably enough for now. Maybe I'll add something to this later,

More later,


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