There was something familiar about the smell of the day.

So I got up about 6 am since I hadn't slept since 3 am and showered and got the brisket onto the smoker by about 7:30. It was about 8.5 # trimmed and I cut it in half so it would fit in the smoker. I got the temperature up to around 225' and after a couple hours the internal temperature was about 165 and I took them out and double wrapped them in heavy duty aluminum foil and put them back in until they reached about 205'. Once there I pulled them out and let them rest for a while. They turned out perfect.

One of them, the big end, got put into a ziploc bag and put into the freezer, foil double wrap and all, for a later date,

Other than that it has been a mixed day. I did some practice painting of figures in acrylics based on the House o' Blues photo Greg sent me. It helped me considerably that the photo was not in focus. When I enlarged it on Irfanview, it was simpler to paint in the impressionist style. I need to practice a bunch more times to get my chops down. Right now I succeed by going over and over the piece attacking the features until I get where I'm going. Hopefully with a lot of practice I be able to get to the right place a good deal quicker.

It's now 6:55 pm now and I wanted to make sure that I wrote something in this here blog before the sunset on the day and a big deal Superbowl winner was determined.

More later,


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