The Visitation of Minnesota

Awoke this morning to a gently falling snow and I thought to myself; well, it's a fitting goodbye from winter. I fully expected the temperature to rise and the snow to turn to rain and that would be that for a strange, late snowfall in our February.

By the time I got through my shower the snow was coming down in earnest, but still I thought, it's only a matter of time and by "time" I was meaning 30 minutes, maybe an hour. Now it's 3 pm and it hasn't stopped yet. I'm not sure how much we've gotten so far, it's 33' and so it's only slowly accumulating, but we must have 4" by now. I just spoke with the repair guy and he said that our cul-de-sac's the worst of the streets, the rest of the roads aren't that bad.

The dogs are pumped about the snow even though Scout's legs seems to be stiff and sore. Smudge loves playing in it. He's got that thick fur that is best in snow.

The repair guy's gone now and there's a part on order to fix the small leak that the washer's had for the past few years but for now, we have the washer back with us. Welcome back, old friend.

Sue's supposed to be back later tonight but her plane left an hour late and with the snow, it wouldn't surprise me at all if she stayed in Oregon till the big thaw. Sh'es not a fan of inclement weather.

For now, I'm happy to have the kids both home at once and the washer working.

More later,


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