The Dutch Roll

I'm currently on the upside and can do no wrong! Once again I find myself on the forward side of the Dutch Roll therefore I expect that tomorrow I will encounter many solid depressive thoughts. It is the way things go for me these days.

I opened up the broken vacuum cleaner this morning to replace the belt and aside from being unable to put the belt on, I found that the wheel that attaches to the beater bar was frozen, wouldn't turn. That's what was causing the belt to burn and break on it.

So after a good deal of critical thinking, mostly centering around the fact that I have a cupboard full replacement bags, belts and filters for the Hoover Wind Tunnel machine that I got from Connie's house when we cleaned it out, I decided that it was probably time to get a new machine, finally. I may have $20 or so in spare parts that I'll have to eat but I think we can only keep this deceased cat fresh for so long with that kind of thinking.

So that device failure drew me down a rocky path this morning that finally led me to the Kenmore Pet Friendly Crossover Model 31220, which I'll have to procure by the next time cleaning day arrives. That gives me time to change my mind should something better come up.

I'll be going into town again pretty soon anyway. I have to pick up a prescription and probably arrange shipping for a painting at the Postnet.

So anyway, that was the long way of saying that I blew the morning again and it was noon before I was able to paint. I'd decided during the night that since I was trading the painting of my desk for the mixed media picture, I needed to replace it with another painting of my desk. So when I finally got around to starting, I decided to make it a 16x20.

To start it off I warmed up with some drawing and then found the reference photo of the desk and started a paper sketch then decided that I was ready and switched over to sketching it out on the canvas, which went great and felt good too. After that I pulled out the paints and began. The painting went fast and for once I didn't sweat any of the mistakes. I moved quickly and had a really good time with it.

I put out a conservative amount of paint for a canvas that size and had the vast majority of it left over. I covered the leftovers in the new pans and put it into the freezer to see how well that kept it. Keep in mind that this was acrylic paint, not oils. Still, waste not, want not.

So it went so well that I'm expecting a big drop tomorrow.

More later,


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