Mixed Mondays

Not a great night. Didn't start well, and went downhill from there. Went to bed around 8 pm because had run out of interest in the day and around 8:30 pm heard what sounded like three shots nearby. Nothing to see out the windows but took me a while to get sleepy again. Slept for an hour or so and then kind of skipped along the surface until about 2 or 2:30. Couldn't get back to sleep at all. A thought-storm raged in my head. I tried to meditate and get into the present but was really having a hard time. Then at 3:30 got a text from Sue in Cuba saying she was having a good time and asking about here. She said she was having trouble with her phone's battery and she sent a couple pictures, one was of the sunrise and the other was of some clocks. Go figure.

Anyway I'm pretty knackered after getting through my morning routine and sitting down here at the computer. Maybe I'll take a nap later on today.

I need to change some things in order to get better sleep at night.

More later,

(Photo Cuba Sunrise)


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