We move along

Another of the same sort of night. Sleep in little pieces, a lot of lying there thinking of turning back and forth. Not so bad though. After I get up and move around I feel rested and OK. I just would like to sleep a little more.

It seems to me that the weather is looking more like spring. I may just be imagining it though. I feel more confused and at sea than before the big event. I lost my wallet, right in front of me this morning. I called for Ben and asked him to help me find it. It was sitting open in front of me on my desk. I can only guess that it's a little hangover from the anesthetic.

It made me think back on the time in the hospital when I would wake up very confused and have to puzzle out what was happening.

As I wrote the last sentence, Ben drove back into the driveway and rushed into the house. He'd forgotten something for class. I guess sometimes maybe forgetfulness is just forgetting things and nothing more.

I ran out of productive things to do yesterday and I pulled down the TurboTax I'd bought a month or so ago and installed it. It was the wrong package. It was the business version and I needed Home and Business. Too late to return it or get my money back. I ordered the right one from Amazon.

I'm going to start drawing on the US survey I have just to get something done.

More later,


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