Never on Sunday

Another night of broken sleep. I had Ashton drive me around on some errands yesterday and some of the things I saw in her driving worried me and my reactions weren't the calmest and we had a fight in the car about how nervous we make each other driving. I tried to reassure her that I wasn't against her driving but I needed her to step up and pay more attention to some parts. Her corners and intersections aren't well thought out.

We really need to go out driving every day until she is more comfortable and pays closer attention to things. The problem with that is that I'm not ready to go out every day and ride around at the very top of my nervous energy range.

I'm having coffee again today. I'll try to keep it down to one or two cups and see how I do with it. I've gotten used to not having it and truthfully I don't enjoy it that way I used to. At least not the way I remember enjoying it. Last night I had a piece of fried chicken and didn't suffer any immediate untoward effects. Maybe things are beginning to even out.

Onward to the drawing and maybe I can work myself up for another drive.

More later,

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