Tasting the Future

Today both of my children got up and drove themselves to school. Their lives are richer and freer because of the cars they drive and while they don't actually own the cars or pay for their upkeep, they are that much closer to independence and the problems that come with the big adult world in which they will spend the rest of their lives. I'm happy and sad about this.

Scout doesn't feel good today. He is very slow and shaky and Ben gave him a pain pill this morning because he didn't even want a treat when it was offered. Since then he asked to go outside and then came back in. He just walked into my office and is lying down on some rugs. Smudge just followed him in to check on him. I'll try to work for a while and let him rest. If I get up, he'll get up to follow me. He goes where I go these days. I guess we're taking care of each other.

Ben is going to hang out with friends after school today so I probably won't see him until the evening. I hope Ashton drives carefully and doesn't get into mischief after school. She's a good girl and tries.

I better get to work.

More later,


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