Batter Up

Here we go again and it's time to get warmed up. A so-so night. Nothing terrible but average wakefulness. Got up and started my morning routine and heard of a mass shooting in Orlando, 50 killed, 53 injured, one guy wth an automatic weapon and a pistol. Unbelievable. It was in a gay nightclub. Hatred. Just hatred. The shooter had a middle eastern name so the leap was premade for cause. I grieve for a world like this.

I swear. What makes people hate life so much that they're willing to make others shoulder the burden of that hate. This is caused by ancient stories. "God" wants us to kill others to please him. Mental illness, mental sickness, disease, malconstruction. Moral misprogramming. It's incredible that there are groups that together, think that they can make things better by killing other people. I guess that sounds naive on my part, it's just that this morning I'm thinking about the subject from a personal perspective.

I can understand a person with a mental illness hearing voices that tell him that other people are out to kill him, hurt him, steal his thoughts, his soul, his individuality. The voices would naturally tell him to either get away from those people, kill them or kill himself. Normally (maybe the wrong word) his behaviors would stand out enough that he would be noticed and taken somewhere to get help or at least safely isolated.

But the one place that person could successfully hide and even carry out the reactions and responses advocated by his voices would be a group of mentally ill people with the exact same voices. Who knows, possibly the voices would eventually synchronize their messages and a religion would be formed.

Once again, maybe I'm being unreasonably uncharitable in my interpretation of organized religions. It's just my viewpoint that nothing good comes from trying to improve on a respectful observational awe of the world around us. I don't know. I should stick to my last.

More later,


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