The Heeby-Jeebies

I'm not sure of the origins of the term Heeby-Jeebies or whether it's a pejorative aimed at those of the Hebrew persuasion or not, but I certainly feel like I've got them this morning. Part of the reason was an exemplary poor night's sleep and part is due to my recent excursions into the extreme sport of introspection. Everything seems to be a big deal and I'm bugged almost beyond my capacity to hold on.

That last paragraph was painful for the number of times I went back to correct problems with it. I'm now typing without looking and I shall attempt to do the rest of this piece without the use of the backspace key.

I'll fix things later. even this little drill may help me get by this feeling.

To compound the problem, I'm planning to go out with Ashton to start her driving lessons. That's right, if ever anyone set themselves up for a bad day all around it's me now with this plan. Ashton's already nervous about the responsibility of driving and I hope to not make that worse, but I'm jumpy and yelling about every little thing that's going wrong.

I'm all hopped up on Altoids and black coffee and I need to calm things down and get a grip. You can just imagine what my morning meditation was like just a few minutes ago. Not the calmest I've had. I probably should meditate again just to see if I can put a damper on things.

But anyway, I'll get this done and I hope without hurting Ashton too much. Time to put on my big boy pants and "Daddy Up, Cowboy". That's a Rileyism. I can say that because it came from her when she had the old name.  So I will endeavor to Daddy Up.

In other news, I have a nice repicturing of the sunflowers from yesterday's rounds with Corel Draw. I found some new things to do with it, even though my actual goals were not met. I still find it an interesting program.

I just had a 4 second iterlude as I pondered that last phrase and I saw a couple things that I want to try immediately with the program. I think there may be some interesting artsy stuff I can do with it. Nothing new u
nder the sun, but new to me. I'm easily fascinated with the shit I do, and that's kind of a nice thing. It really takes very little to entertain me.

Ok, I'm starting to calm down. I'll correct this, try a draw thing or two and then we'll Daddy Up and get this driving thing started.

More later,


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