Side Squatting Deep Knee Thrusts

Here we go again, getting warmed up and ready for the writing chores of the morning. I'll briefly explain that this is where I get warmed up and stretch out for the bloggery of the day. My overall goal is to work on character pieces and light plottery in small essays. I believe that this is the way to get to the point that I can reasonable expect to write a novel and make it stick.

I figure I'm better off staying away from the second book until I have a few thousand lines of practice and the way to do that is to write two or three short, short stories per day. Nothing fancy, more the fun kind of writing that goes wherever it wants and takes me along with it. I'm not saying that I can't do a little plotting, but anything that makes me stop and stare is not on the agenda.

I do, however, think it's a good idea to write a bunch, once limbered up, and lay down a basic premise. Then, go back and clean up the sentences and while doing that, think of several twists or endings, or at least directions in which the piece could go.

After getting warm, there's no reason to just prattle on without hope of a satisfying ending. No, no, not neceassry. I think that if I dash off a situation and then read it, it will incite my imagination to come up with a resolution, or a few, to stick on the end. By that time, it should be obvious which one will best satify the orignal, unconscious intentions of the piece. At least that's the idea.

I fully expect to sling some fetid tripe for a while. I apologize for the stains and the disfigurement to the surroundings. I send thanks and apologies to anyone kind enough to read my misguided attempts. I'd like to assure them that it is all in a good cause and that I hope to repay them one day with something readable. With any luck, it will be short, concise, evocative, and pithy. It would be wonderufl if it were also funny. Actually I would settle for just funny. I'd love to be able to stumble onto the formula for humor. Not just one piece, but a reliable way to write funny.

It's taking longer than average to warmup today. I don't know why. Usually, by now my finger are moving on their own and are almost able to keep up with me. That's a good feeling, I'm looking for that now. It's getting a little bit closer.

Both of my dogs are here wtih me now. Scout is behind me, lying on the rug to the left and Smudge to the right in front of the fan. They were outside barking at the neighbors on this beautiful Saturday morning. Ben is up and moving slowly, Ashton's up at a good time and hoping to see her friend Bob for the day. I don't know what she has planned for transportation and entertainment. She's getting things together nowadays. I'm very proud of her. I was hoping we could practice driving a little today. We skipped yesterday. Two days ago she drove in the cemetery and by the end she was very nervous and got a headache. I was probably the cause of most of that. I try to stay calm and positive, but sometimes I slip up.

Over the next week I hope to have a better plan for the use of our time. There's a lot to schedule. Well I need to s
top and move on.

More later,


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