The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring (Tra-La)

Yesterday was good. Learned a lot and feel a great deal more comfortable using the Draw program. In the end, the impediments to moving forward are not with the tools but with my imagination of what to do with the tools.

I need practice making my mind fertile for small projects, or even larger ones. The importance is not whether I can do the task but conceiving of it. I am very weak in imagination and that's the problem. I'm trying to be creative without vision and imagination. It's much simpler than the awful gyrations I usually rely on. It just takes the time and repetition to think up new projects and make them good enough to do. Just like the writing, I need to have a drill to practice every day in order to make it happen.

Speaking of that, or actually, writing of that, I need to get back to the novel's storyline. I now have some where to go, but I'm kept in bed by the fear of the journey to do it. Just the act of thinking about it, makes me want to get back to it. But I lack a clear vision of seeing the path to making that happen. For some reason, my mind tends to see it as a puzzle of tasks to accomplish the goal. The goal appears sometimes as the finished story, and sometimes as the writing itself. Not the lost and wandering writing, but the inspired and can't-wait-to-get-it-out kind of writing that flies by. That's the fun of it.

So today I am amending my morning routine. Ater breakfast, there's meditation, answering email, writing in this journal then reading for 10 - 15 minutes on my book. Then the main focus of the day, either some writing task or working on Draw or the website.

Let's go.
More later.


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