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Monday morning and it looks like it's gonna rain. I think it's gonna rain. It has a dark and brooding look to it. Eyebrows down and ready to frown. It is definitely a different year from last. Last year it was hot and summery, but the La Nina has brought cooler temperatures and much more moisture. I don't mind, I like it.

So a decent night's sleep. I had to get up a few times. I didn't stop reading until about 0100 and Sue got up at 0400. I was up at 0230 and 0330. I slept an hour and a half this morning but didn't mean to. I just got comfortable by accident I guess.

Had some dreams about going to some picnic or something and they were making a giant batch of pulled pork on a small bun with a cabbage-like dressing like cole slaw. I never got to eat one but I asked for two, they were small. There were vast trays of slow roasted pork shoulder. It was something to see, or dream. I should have brought some back. Oh well, shoulda, woulda, coulda,

Had a thought about something I could write about that smell from closed-off or little-used rooms in wood-frame buildings. It's common in churches and old public buildings. You can smell it in attics and shut-up rooms. I reckon it's ghosts. At least, that's my idea for the story. We are around them all the time but we don't recognize them because they're such a constant part of our lives.

You know the whole subject of ghosts and monsters just irks me sometimes. There's an unspoken belief in those things that underlies so much stuff. It bothers me that there are many beliefs that we had installed in us (not instilled) at a very young age that we never return to re-examine. It's as if, every moment that we leave something alone, it becomes more entrenched. We forget that we even believe it or take it for granted.

For instance; "If you pick up a hamster by its tail, it's eyes will fall out." Now where did I hear that? I was a kid when I heard it. I don't know where. OK, try this. I just moved the small story explaining the likely provenance of that information over to the Rising-Gorge site as I had to cover for a Rising-Gorge piece that took off like whats-his-name's goat.

Hopefully, I'll finish the second piece tomorrow. In the meantime, I need to punch this one out a little to make it fit the enormous content gap that is left in the, um, wake, so to speak.

So, the rest of the day went pretty well except I got caught writing this ghost story over in the Gorge. I got a little too far down memory lane and was caught after dark when the denizens began to come out to feed. I figured that it's better to live to write another day and took off like that goat, again.

No harm, maybe a small foul. I hope it's not held against me.

More later,


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