The Birds Can Only Get You So Far

Warm up time, Up and at them, or at 'em, if you prefer. Great sleep. Slogging through a few things and finally getting started, have a few errands to do in an hour or so but thought I'd get as far as I could now.

I just sent the last Invisible Birds story off to Roberta to look at. I...

As I wrote that last sentence it occurred to me that I need to read and rewrite Invisible Birds before asking someone to proofread it. I'm sure that I could do a better job now of putting the reader inside the room with him. That's what I wanted to do with that story.

So I think today, I'll be rewriting that story. Maybe just to put it upon Rising Gorge. It's not like it's doing anything on Amazon.

So that will be my goal for today. That, and my errands.

All for now,
More later,


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