A Hidden Pathway

If I'm not mistaken, I missed yesterday's log entry. That was because I gave up fairly early in the day and went to sit down to relax with my wife in the front room. While we churned through the standard dramatic series on TV, the little men in the control room of my mind worked silently and feverishly on their little cryptographic typewriters.

The day before I had the idea of doing a painting of a diner. For some reason, I'm drawn to pictures of cities, especially at night, and also diner scenes. I'm not alone in this, many people are. My original idea was to find a photograph of people sitting in a diner counter from an angle on the people's side of the counter. I was unable to find any really good pictures of counters from that angle and yesterday the idea struck me that I could just draw a straight-on picture of the counter and someone sitting at it, and that would save me a lot of time. I also need to work on my drawing and sketching skills which have been pretty much nonexistent up to this point.

So I pulled out my drawing tablet and while the drama played in front of me on the television, I worked on a pretty rudimentary diner scene. It turned out pretty good. And since I'm going to do it in an Impressionist style, it doesn't have to be photorealistic.

I'm going to try to paint that in just a little while. Although I need to work on a couple sketch views of the cook in the scene. It also gave me the idea that I could do the same thing with some other scenes that didn't actually exist in front of me. I could take the best of various photographs that I've found and combine them together into a scene that said something to me. I would sketch the scene and use the sketch as a basis for my painting.

I have a lot of ideas like that, and most of them don't turn out to be anything, so we'll see how this goes. At least I'm coming up with ideas that support the concept that I want to develop my imagination. That was a pretty vague statement, was it not?

There's more drama in the house today as Ashton was turned down for a date from some boy that she's been checking out. To his credit, he texted her that he decided against the date for a number of very good reasons, none of which had anything to do with her qualities. It's hard to take rejection when you're that young, it's hard to take rejection when you're my age. You just have a larger bin to toss it into when you reach my age.

The dogs had to spend the night in the front room because Ashton had a friend to sleepover last night. I felt bad for them. As I tossed and turned last night.

Once again, I'm getting very frustrated with Dragon speech recognition and I think I'll move on to the next thing on my list, which is painting. But I do want to say that I made my blog entry today and you can all see it here. Thank you very much for your attention.

More later,


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