Arcylic Frustrations

I got a late start painting today but I did two 8x10's, an 11x14, and several mix media pages with doodles. I tried to paint the foxglove picture again and once again, was unable to mix anything like the right magenta color for the blossoms. I even tried all of the new reds and blues. So while sitting here watching TV tonight I ordered some magenta paint from Amazon. I opted for the Winsor & Newton magenta because it looked a little lighter with a more red tinge.

One of the other pictures I worked on was the Sunday Morning picture I took a long time ago. Morning sun shining through the trees of the backyard with some fog. It started out pretty good. I used a modified watercolor technique to make the foggy background and I was feeling pretty good about myself and then I started fucking it up as I put in more of the trees and stuff. It seems like every time I put brush to canvas, I did it wrong and I'd have to try to fix it.

This was the first time I painted on mix media paper and I enjoyed it. It has a nice smooth finish that lets the paint spread evenly and farther. That and the bright white background makes for a beauty picture.

 I'm giving up writing this. There's a TV show on about Newfoundland fishermen and I can't concentrate on writing this while these yabos are jabbering and bouncing off of things.

More later,


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