Good morning. I'm slowly moving through my day's routine. I got a couple rounds of meditation and now it's time to read my blog entry. 

I'll turn off the noisemaker to see if that makes any difference in the quality of the speech recognition.

I'm closing my eyes now because as soon as I put that microphone in front of me and turn it on, my mouth starts watering, my thoughts become jumbled and I turn into a incoherent mess. 

Another broken night's sleep, cut up in about one hour segments. I did get farther into my book and it seems like my reading was getting a little better. It may be that my reading stumbles when I am not into the story. I love it when I get interested and involved in the story and time flies by and the pages turn without me knowing it. But it's always more common for me to be reading each word in my mind and trying to put together sentences. Maybe this is partly because, for the past few years, I've been really focused on editing writing rather than reading for pleasure. I know that I'm very conscious of the way things are written and whether there are better, more concise ways that they might be phrased. That's a very good thing from a writer's standpoint, but it's a terrible thing from a reader standpoint. 

Yesterday I painted a picture of the diner. It turned out okay. There are things that I didn't like about it so much and I ended up putting in outlines, so it it turned into more of a cartoon or almost a gouache or watercolor. Sue said she liked it a lot. I guess there's nothing wrong with having different styles or at least being able to paint different ways. I like the way it looked. But it didn't look like Impressionist art. I guess that's okay, I guess it's okay to have different styles. It's probably even a good idea to be able to express myself in different styles. 

I am very much drawn to abstract pictures that have pleasing color arrangements. It's almost a psychology test bordering on the Rorschach. For example, after I finish painting and take a paper towel and wipe across my palette to begin cleaning up, the resultant smears of color side-by-side always make me stop and look. Yesterday I took a couple photos of it just because it was so pleasing. But when I try to paint that way, it becomes a mess. This is probably because I use all colors all the time and so I'm not trying to put together a palette on the page that is pleasing to look at, so much as dumping all the paint cans on the floor. 

But I did notice when I looked at the photograph of my palette after I had wiped at once. I saw in it, a scene of an elongated full moon over some kind of windswept surface with long filaments. It could've been the sea. It could've been a field of something long, cattails, elephant grass. I think I'm making up things now. But it made me think. What if I painted a picture based on that with a dark background, with the bright moon and below it a smear of colors swept up. Not 14 different colors but a selection of colors that work well together, up against each other. I would put them on and smear them with a palette knife. I might as well try that. I don't like it, I can always covered up something else. 

When Susan saw the picture of the diner. She said, "I like that, don't give that one away, keep it for the kitchen. That's a great kitchen picture." That made me think of what else would be a great kitchen picture. And that kitchen pictures are very good things. They would have a completely different appeal than landscapes or scenery or I don't know, the other crap that I've think I want to paint to make fine art. There's nothing wrong with painting kitchen scenes. And that made me think that I need to find a picture, a good picture that I have of our kitchen after it was remodeled and paint that. It also made me think that other people might like pictures painted of their kitchen that they could put up. It's a little more soul-connecting than a photograph taken of the same kitchen. There's something romantic about a painting that a photograph doesn't have. For myself, I'm not sure that extends the portraits, but I suppose it does. 

I think I'm babbling now and I should stop. 

More later,


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