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So I missed a day there I think so it's penance time. I'll type here while I wait for Dragon to boot up and get ready.

I called in last night to the jury line and found out I was released from jury duty for this week, so I am no longer on the hook for that. Of course, because of my OCD that makes me feel at least 75% better for no good reason. I will take that.

Yesterday I spoke with Bill in Tennessee about taking over the neuraxiom website and he's going to float the idea with the administration there. That brightened my day a bit. We talked about possibilities and he was so very interested. I see it as a as a way to keep the site fresh and moving ahead even if I'm no longer associated with. But he specifically asked if I would be willing to stay on in some capacity, just to keep my name associated with it, because I'm known for it. I agreed that probably be a good idea although I wouldn't have to do any of the clinical writing for it, I could still do some of the illustrating which might help it out.

He asked if the book would be included in the deal and I said sure the book as it is would be in the deal and they could write a new edition to it, including other blocks and I can do the illustration for it if they want to. I didn't realize he wasn't familiar with the book. He said he had never seen it and I said, instead of describing it to you, it's probably easier if you just ordered one from Amazon and he agreed, so hopefully he did that.

This morning's email, including the an email from a physician's assistant somewhere in the United States, saying that he was interested in doing illustrations for articles he was writing. He worked in a emergency department and had published at least three papers for blocks in the emergency department, which he included in the email. I opened and read through them briefly. It seemed like they were well put together. He was just using rudimentary off-the-shelf pictures in them that he was highlighting. He asked my advice about upping his game in as far as illustrations went up because he liked mine.

Of course, my reply to his email was way too long and rambled all over the place. As I described the exact method I used to do illustrations including the programs and hardware I used to do them. But it made me think. As I was writing, I included my view that it was all about teaching and that illustrations were only useful as far as demonstrating technique in anatomy. And even though it took me way too long to say it in the email, it made me think about the essentials of the ultrasound blocks and it gave me another idea.

I pointed out to him. 68% of the people that went to my side from the United States, but that meant 32% were from outside the United States. And it made me think that some percentage of those people probably don't even speak English. And they were going there for the illustrations a and that in turn made me think about reducing the the ultrasound guided nerve block techniques to pure illustration. In other words, turn the basic blocks into a comic strip. In that form it could be used by anybody in any language. I'm realizing that you can't do an adequate job of explaining the physics of ultrasound and the full picture of medications using only cartoons, but you certainly can teach ultrasound identification of nerve targets using pure cartoon.

Anyway, that's something I will look into because I don't believe anyone's ever done it. And it could be very useful out on the fringes of medical care. I don't see why you can't pass down some advanced techniques to the field hospitals in different languages using that. I'd like to speak with Doolittle about it and get his thoughts.

Today I painted the sunset scene that I'd seen Trujillo do for Ashton's room. I hope that the yellows and oranges are bright enough for her, if not, I can always work over them again. It was actually the first time I've done any palette knife painting and I think it turned out pretty well. It's a little bit sloppy, but not too bad. I also tried that new walnut oliogel that Sue got me for Christmas. I believe I understand what the walnut gel is for. What a poor speech recognition program this is. God! it just drives me crazy..

Anyway, I'll close for now because his piece of shit is misunderstanding about every word I'm saying. So all stop.

More later,


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