Another Secretly Wonderful day.

It's almost 2:30 pm and I'm watching Jurassic World with Ashton in the front room. It's the last day of her winter break and so I'm spending the afternoon with her watching movies.

I made a run into town and got some errands done. I picked up dog medicine, my medicine, bananas and McDonald's for me and Ashton and the dogs.

Carlota from U-Blok answered my email about the books and said they were interested. She wanted to know how many books I had on hand and what price I would make for them. I did some quick work and found I had about 94 books left over from my last order. I went back through the billing from Instantpublisher and found that they cost me $25.66 per book so far, so I quoted her $45 per book as a starting place and asked for her thoughts.

Just the fact that she responded so quickly turned my day around. Yesterday I was depressed about having so many books on hand with no reasonable chance of getting rid of them in the next year. Now it looks hopeful that I can not only cover my costs but make enough to keep the project going a little longer.

I'll still need to do something about the website and the SOMAA project. It should be cancelled as of the next renewal. I'll check on that when I finish this blog entry.

I also need to look for a good picture to paint. I need to keep my enthusiasm up for the art stuff. It will help me make progress in my pursuit of nirvana and good-headedness.

So, what a difference a day makes. 24 little hours.

Enough for now.

More later,


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