A horse named Scout

I did today's chores backwards. Now it's 7:22 pm and I've eaten my salad, painted my picture (number 25), put my laundry away, been cheery with my family (who're too tired or distracted to care, called the jury hotline (I don't have to report on Monday) and here I am, sitting my chair with "Godless" on writing my blog entry for the day.

I haven't yet heard back from U-Blok about the book deal but I did receive the first painting I bought from Alek Garncarek. It took a long time to get here. I also responded to an email about Christopher Clark painting "Italian Street on a Cool Afternoon" and ended up buying it for $190 delivered (down from $350). It's a nice painting and will look good here.

It has warmed up considerably overnight and has begun raining with some earnestness, I think that's a good thing even though it makes the ground wetter and encourages trees to fall over and mud to slide away from where it was previously situated. The past couple nights I've been watching a show about firefighters in California. I'm glad we don't live in a place with lots of fires.

I think I'd like to work on a picture of people eating at a cafe counter. I'll have to find some pictures like that and then combine the main features into a single picture.

I'm watching Broadchurch now and I can't think about what I'd like to write here while watching it so I'll close for now.

More later,


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