The Dogs Who Hate Mortar Practice

It's almost 5pm on Thursday. Sue is making some sort of stir fry. Ben is at the comic store, hobnobbing with the smart set. Either that or he's getting another tattoo in an effort to push me into an early grave from apoplexic codgeritis.

Ashtonius is in her room pretending to work on homework. Scout's on the couch and Smudge is staring at me like I owe him money.

I am sitting in my sella paterfamilias, with weighty thoughts on my mind.

After going to the doctor today I went by Michael's, which was big fun. I like that place. They have all sorts of art supplies and with good sale prices. Some things are, of course, cheaper from Amazon, but it's fun to go see the stuff in person.

I need to draw more. That way I won't be as scared about my basic skill level. I should practice with all the cheap media. Except for mosaics, oil paints are probably the most expensive stuff I can dingle around with, so everything else is fair game.

I just checked the price of the watercolor set I was going to order at both Amazon and Michael's and Michael's is way cheaper in the store. So I'm heading back to Michael's soon! You can come with me, if you want.

Now it's about 8pm and I'm sitting in the front room watching "The Foreigner" with my son. Obviously I'm way too busy to write this to you. So goodbye for now.

More later,


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