The Last Chance Continues.

Somehow I thought that after the year changed that the hundreds of emails blaring "Last Chance" would end and some newer, more thought out advertising campaigns would begin, but nope, the inboxes were still crammed with "Last Chances" to save, donate, buy, own, sell, you name it, it's the last chance to do it.

Oh well. The world turns but the people on it don't get any smarter.

While lying in bed this morning I gave a lot of thought to Neuraxiom and where it should go. It started with the stack of Playbooks I have under the table in my office and moved onto the dormant nature of the website.

It needs to change or end and I'm just the guy not to do it. I need to get in touch with Bill Johnson at MTSA and see what plans he might have for the site. If nothing is to come from that, I should look around for someone else to take it over. I'm not all that sure how I would go about that, but something needs to happen. I also would like to find a final resting place for the books in my office. Maybe U-Blok could find a promotion for them.

I'm also thinking that SOMAA may be due for a fatal accident. No one is going there and it still costs me to keep up there. It served its purpose and I learned a bit from creating it.

I just sent off the invoice to U-Blok for the January Ad along with a note about including a Playbook with every system sold. I hope something will come of that.

I think I missed renewing the MTSA ad on the Neuraxiom site. It's not findable on my phone calendar so I'll have to look it up in the files.

Yesterday's painting was of the abandoned truck in the desert that I got off of Google earth and Panaramio. It turned out well I think and I'll do another today from whatever I can find. Panaramio is no longer in business so I'll have to look for other sources of pictures to paint.

Enough for now.

More later,


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