All Dressed Up & Nowhere to Go

I don't think I can be any more ready to get to the drawing now but there's no work to do yet. I suppose they are organized back there, at least I hope that's what's going on. I haven't heard anything since I signed the contract and emailed it to them. Hopefully they're starting to collect images and mark them up and then they'll send them to me.

I'm just a little bit apprehensive because I've never produced that many pictures that quickly before and so I'm wondering how that will work. I am looking forward to beginning so that I can get a feel for how it will go.

Practicing drawing in general would be a good thing to do while I wait for the raw material. Either that or to write on the story. There's no reason I couldn't do both. There's no reason also that I couldn't get up a little earlier in the morning. I wake up around seven and just lay there most mornings. Sometimes it feels like a good thing to do and other times it feels like a waste of time.

This morning I woke up with a back ache so lying flat on my back for a while really helped. I think I need to vary my morning routine to make it more interesting. Maybe listen to a podcast during my routine would help. It's not a physical problem, it's a matter of giving my mind a boost in the morning. To have something to think about and consider as I go through my morning ablutions is what I need. Otherwise it is just rushing through a physical routine as quickly as I can so that I can get to something interesting.

I need something to make me look forward to getting up in the morning. A story is good. Of course if I got up earlier I could listen to the news on the radio and that would work. I can start there. It is the easiest thing to do.

So having gotten this done, I will turn to some drawing for a little while. Music will work with that.

More later,

(Photo by George Hodan)


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