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An early start this morning. I'm doing Ashton a favor by getting up early so she can have her boyfriend over to the house for the day. It is Martin King Day and so there is not school. Ben is sleeping in although he does have half a day of work later in the day.

The sky is starting to lighten out there as the day awakens. That reminds me. I've been seeing the word "Woken" used a lot lately and I wasn't aware that was actually a word. I find that woken is a word but I still think it is a very awkward one. I'm not in favor of it. It sounds blodgy and bunkish.

Let's see, I slept fairly well last night. I took sleep medicine earlier in the evening and so by nine PM I was sleepy and I didn't get all the way through my reading before I turned off the light and went off to sleep. I got up twice in the night and right now I'm kind of sleepy as well. I just finished my breakfast of oatmeal so I'm in a little postprandial slump. This will pass in a bit and I will feel refreshed.

Yesterday my additional Chinese good luck charms came in the mail and I put them up on the ceiling of my office. Already the fortune of the room has increased and they look very nice up amongst the heavenly lights that adorn my office ceiling. It is a much better place to work thanks to my lucky lights and charms. The Feng Shui abounds in here and I am the direct recipient of the goodness. Karma is on my side. I'm sure that this will spur me on to finishing the story. Who knows? Maybe today. I can lay back against the positivity and Karma-surf through the rest of the story. This will include the changes that need to be made to make the entire story more effective.

In the front matter I should thank Karma and Feng Shui for their help in working through the tough parts of my book. Many people won't know what I mean by that but I must acknowledge where the inspiration comes from., It's only right that I do.

Took a little break there and read the news. Not much good is happening in the world today, at least, so far. Who knows? Maybe this is the day when something wonderful and meaningful happens. Of course, I'm assuming that if and when it does that some media outlet will cover it. Good things are not the kinds of items that news organizations look for and promote. You sell more papers when you scare people.

I don't remember when I turned into such a cynical person. I'm not always this way. I swing from being excessively optimistic to excrementally pessimistic. It isn't my nature but it is what I've learned to be. I will work to improve my personality as well. I just did some meditation which I have been ignoring for some time. I'm sure that this will help my overall being. I hereby make a promise to return to meditating every day.

More later,

(Image is Google Street View digitally enhanced by Jamal Masood)


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