The Fourth of the First

Tried some fresh ground nutmeg in my Eggnog last night. I read the night before that nutmeg is good for sleep so I thought I'd try it. I think it helped me get sleepy. I didn't read quite as long last night. Of course I didn't have a cup of tea last night before bed either. Tonight I'll try it and skip the and the melatonin.

Just got the Omrom blood pressure software set back up on NMax2 so I should take a few BPs per day and then look at the results in the form of a graph to see what the real story is.

I really do need to get out and walk around the backyard with the dogs every day. I'm sure that would help me sleep and help my blood pressure too.

I'm waiting for the pictures to start getting to me from MTSA so I can start working. There are a lot of pictures to do in a three month period and it would be best to get started on the project. It would also allow me to work out a schedule here for my days.

As soon as I finish this blog entry I'm going to drive into town and drop off some papers at Columbia River Advisors and then swing by the RiteAid and drop off Ashton's prescriptions. I think I'll just drop off all that I have.

It's kind of exciting that we'll be getting the new sofa tomorrow. I think I've only ever bought one sofa before in my life. It's now the dog couch, which still sits behind where the new sofa will sit.

I just helped clean out the refrigerator/freezer in the entry way so it's kind of breaking up this writing exercise. I think I  had better quit for now and go take care of the errands.

More later,


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