Chuck Full of Saturday Fun

It's cold and cloudy out there today. Less than 30°👉 Fahrenheit outside and very gray. I slept better later in the morning than during the night. Strange dreams. I had one where DeWayne came to visit and I offered him tea and a chocolate muffin and showed him around the house. The house was slightly different and it had strange people in it.

From there I was in a wagon drawn by two horses and it was night. We were traveling along a narrow dirt road on the top of a sort of levee. It was raining and up ahead I could see a semi truck coming toward us slowly. I was wondering how we would pass each other on the narrow road and then the truck turned into another wagon and whoever was driving it stopped and took the box off the wheel rack and put it down off the side of the levee and then walked the horses and wheels off the road. I saw that it was my chance to pass them and wondered if my wagon came apart as well.

As I started to pass them I stopped my wagon and disassembled it and put it down off the road. There were more people down there and little kids. Then I noticed a large snake. It was a cobra about five or six feet long and one of the little kids started playing with it and touching it. I got scared that the kid would get bitten and I said not to do that. I moved the kids away to safety and then another larger snake showed cup and a man who was there got down on the ground with it saying that you had to be careful around them.

The snake latched onto the man's shoulder and held it fiercely while it injected poison. I yelled for help and started beating the snake to get it off him. it came loose and someone hit it with a shovel and cut off its head about four inches back. The body of the snake writhed and the head kept moving. I told everyone to stand back because it was still dangerous.

I asked about an ambulance for the man who'd been bitten and someone told me it was coming but it wouldn't make any difference because he was going to die. There was nothing we could do. I looked at him as he was lying prone on the ground with his head turned to his left. He had circumoral cyanosis and he was very pale. He made no sounds except for his deep, rapid breathing. The bite wounds on his back were like long several scratches and cuts about three or four inches long.

I felt there was nothing I could do for him. His breathing became agonal and his eyes were disconjugate. I could not even here the sound of an ambulance yet. I wondered why these people lived in this ditch beside the levee. There were children all around and none of them seemed bothered by the dying man.

I woke myself up after that and thought about what a strange dream it was.

More later,


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