As I've said many times...

Just finished a very long weird letter to Tennessee about the problems I see occurring in the project. Each time I finish a drawing and send it, I feel a cringe in the reply. I think the problem is that we're not on the same page about expectations. So I wrote a long letter about what I thought the use and value of the illustrations was. I outlined what I saw as the project and what I figured was happening on the other end. I asked for more guidance about what was being demonstrated in the illustration, what the intent was.

I think this is the basis from which we must proceed. Otherwise, we will always be dissatisfied with the results.

My stomach was better or at least not worse over night. I'm trying to lay off the greasy, oily food figuring that it's a gallbag deal. We shall see. I'm having coffee this morning and yesterday I had only tea.

I had strange dreams last night. In one we (I don't know who all there is) are visiting a large comfortable, single-story home of someone who is on vacation or at least not there. We are not breaking in, I just don't know who they are. Then as we are outside on the front deck-kind-place near a small lake or river, a great a mount of water comes along from the right hand side. Something large has happened. It is a nice day and not raining. Sue is there and we are both washed off the deck by the surge. It's constant but not violent and we are still near the deck. There is no panic and I can still see her. She's of course, treading water and swimming well and I'm not worried about her. I'm doing OK staying above the water as well and I see stuff washing by and that worries me. There's a large older car in the water moving along and it worries me that we might be caught by it and dragged away.

We move closer to the house and grab on to railing or something and the car slides by in the water. I'm a little worried about how high or long the surging water will go and then it begins to drop in level and speed. It is as if a dam upstream has broken, but not a large one. There are others around now. We climb back onto the damaged deck and decide we better get inside the house and see what's working.

The inside of the house seems to be in pretty good shape and the lights are even still on. We move around looking at what is there, in order to see how long we can hold out. I guess we're a long way from anywhere else and it seems that we'll have to hole up here at least for a while. There is food and it looks like we'll be OK. There are a couple other people with us. It seems like we know some of them or at least we're comfortable with them. Then I see some people at the window and I say we must let them in. We do and there is an increase in tension. I'm wondering how many people will want to join us and what that will mean to conditions. I'm afraid others in the group will say that we can't have more people join us.

That's all of that dream for now. I need to get on to other things.

More later,


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