Cryptic Night-time Kabuki Theater

I was driven from bed this morning by a bad dream. It didn't involve falling or monsters or even personal danger, it involved returning from an appointment in the big city and finding that my car had been towed. It started simply, with the normal amount of frustration and progressed to me offering bribes and being turned down and played with. The guy I was dealing with seemed to just want to harrass me without an end in sight. I could not figure out his motive.

This whole process went on for a long time and I was completely at my wits end. I considered calling the police but then I saw how easy it would be for him to just deny knowing anything about my car being towed. Remember this is a dream. In the end I was preparing to assault him and find out where my car was. As he prattled on about what he was not going to do to help me, I began to think of a way to get him farther away from the front door of his house, where his family was and closer to an open-fronted garage, that stood at a right angle to the front of his house. I would put him on the ground in the shed and hurt him and then find out what I wanted to know. How it would end, I didn't know, but I had what I needed to get to that next step. I wasn't sure whether he would tell the truth about it though and I would have no other options open to me if I did this the hard and painful way. I also saw that once I was that far into it there were only a couple ways that it could end, neither of them good. I picked out a place on his throat and started to small talk as I prepared to strike him.

In this dream I had become very frustrated and very angry and I can't remember ever reaching this point before in a dream, let alone real life. As I think about it now, I knew I was dreaming while I was in it and right now I don't know why I let it go on as long as it did. For some reason I wanted to resolve the problem and stay in the dream, but finding myself ready to mob this guy, something inside me had finally decided that enough was enough. I chose instead to wake up before it went any further.

As I roused from the dream I reminded myself that I was home and my car was home and I was not up against anyone, and I de-escalated from that place. It was a dream filled with bad feelings and I woke up with the stains of those feelings all over me. I realize I must be quite frustrated over something for me to place myself in a dream situation like that. After all, I'm the one constructing these scenarios. It's a shame that our subconscious can just write us little Post-it notes about our thoughts and feelings instead of making these little cryptic night-time Kabuki plays to catch our attention. Dreams are one of the most interesting facets of our minds in my estimation. They seem to come from another personality that we barely recognize. I think it got it's point across to me and I hope that's the last of that type of dream, at least for a while.

More later,


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