Keep Calm, for Fucks Sake

So it has started and that's all we need to say about that. My leg and back are better this morning and that's a very good thing. I worked on a new plain, stripped down muscle template for the drawings last night while I watched some old movies. I started it when Ben and Me started watching Dead Reckoning with Humphrey Bogart. It was big fun. Then after the morning Ben went off to his room to play computer games and I watched a couple more old movies while I worked on the templates. It was fun and I got quite a bit done.

So today I will finish the template and see if I can get in touch to figure out how we're going to do the needle and solution thing. I have a feeling I will have to modify one layer to demonstrate the target layer and then again to show where the local anesthetic solution will go when it's injected. I suppose I should get try that after finishing the template. I can listen to some literature while I work. I'll probably try to get to a meeting today because I didn't make it yesterday.

There' s not a lot else on my mind right now, at least as far as writing goes. I should keep typing though because my hands are not working well today and I'd like them to get a little more flexible and precise before I dig into the drawing. I can tell when I make fists that the tendons are sort of boggy. With any luck my hands will warm up and I'll get things done and the world will wobble a bit but then pick up the spin again and keep rolling along. No matter what kind of barking clown is in the White House.

In other news. There was an avalanche in the Italian Alps in the wintertime. Normally this wouldn't attract much attention, just like avalanches occurring in the Cascade Mountains don't get many headlines, but in the case of this Italian avalanche, someone had built a large fancy hotel at the foot of the slope and then when some unexpected gravity pulled the snow from the top of the hill to the bottom a lot of rich people got caught inside the hotel by the snow. Presumably, none of the people staying there were aware that the hotel had been placed at the bottom of the snow slide. Either that, or someone, perhaps the owner of the hotel assured them that even though it was the dead of winter and the hotel was at the bottom of a snow cover hill, the snow would never slide down the hill inundating the hotel like it has done for hundreds of thousands of years because... well because they were all so damn rich and had such good taste that the God of the Rich and Tasteful would protect them.

And that's why it is making the news in Olympia Washington, because once again people have been let down by God and in this case, the affront is against rich people with great taste. It just goes to show you.

More later,


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