I only have a moment here.

Just got off the phone with Tennessee and I've got work to do so I'll be brief and superficial. As opposed to long winded and superficial.

The night has passed. My stomach still hurts and while I ate breakfast I went through my old recipe box to see if I had a copy of the fudge recipe my mother used to make (like that's a good idea.) I found a lot of recipes, mostly mine from the 80's, not surprising because I used to cook more. But it was a little nostalgic going through all the old clippings and throw a lot of stuff out. A lot of things sounded like a good idea but I never got around to trying them.

Had some dreams this morning but nothing profound or that stuck in my mind. Most were circular arrangements that took cycles but meant nothing.

So I've got some direction to go on the drawings and I will make some changes to the last image I illustrated and send it off to see if I got it right this time. If I did then I'll be ready to take on some more pictures and I figure that I'll bill every week or so for the work that way it doesn't get too far behind and the amounts will be more palatable.

Now that I've coming close to making the work happen I'm getting more enthusiastic. I just hope that nothing happens to stop the project. But why should it? They are interested in making an application to teach the technique and this is the right way to do it. I should keep practicing to improve my drawing skills so I can deliver the goods more easily and consistently. That is a worthy pursuit. In the meantime, I can keep working on composing for writing the story and learn more about that as well.

It is good for my mind to keep working and learning new things, especially things that I've never done before. It's the best part of life. A little iffy, but that's part of the charm.

I don't think there's anything else to say for now.

More later,

(Photo by Jordy Meow)


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