The Turdbinder Method

So another night and the morning comes... I'm starting this over. I'm just having another frustrating start to the day here and I feel like complaining about it. There doesn't seem to be a lot else on my mind these days and I'm getting very tired of it. I need to make more meetings and I need to work on my meditation. I need my mindfulness, to stay in the present and just deal with things as they show.

Maybe I need to work harder on my drawing techniques to sharpen those skills or go back to the story and knock the shit out of the end of it and then edit it. If I could break that logjam that might take the pressure off the drawing part. I'm obviously looking for the drawing to save me from having to write. Since that's what I wanted to do in the first place, then I should just knuckle down and do it.

I'm glad I'm not Harrison Fords because then people would expect me to do Harrison Ford type stuff. I bet he's tired of being Harrison Ford nowadays too. If he isn't, that means the dementia has started and good for him.

Alright then, that solves all of that. Check the videos I need to look at and then go back to the story and knock the living daylights out of it and send it off to the Big & Famous Publishing House so they can get back to me with the offer of a fortune to publish it. Hooray! Wait... Where am I? What's happening. Oh shit, I'm still here in the office and the dogs are in the other room. It was all just a horrible, horrible dream and I'm still in the doldrums or conundrums or humdrums or somedrums.

I'm back now. I hope that didn't scare you too much. It happens every once in a while. Without warning, I existentially spin out through alternate lifestyles and imagine that I'm caught in an aging and deteriorating body surrounded by a family that doesn't care, in a hostile world that is waiting for me to weaken for the grizzly but inevitable final act to take place. Then I wake up and find out that's exactly what's happening but that I should be happy about it.

Gosh. I'm glad that's over. Sometimes I don't know where these crazy ideas come from. I swear, hyuck. I'm going to concentrate on being the best gosh-darn dad and husband and citizen that I can be. All this shit is making me crazy. I'm going to get a bass boat and maybe start going to tractor pulls and football games. Yep,

More later,

(Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel)


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