Shhhhh! I'm working.

Yesterday I got an image to work on and my week turned around. I was really having an emotionally down time of things and was just about to settle into the chair and binge watch some shows on TV before noon when I heard the tone that meant I'd received email. I went in to look and it was a picture with interpretation and my mood and energy did a 180° turn and I couldn't wait to get to work. So I got some preliminary things done and by then it was 5 PM so I knocked off so that I could get a fresh start this morning. I didn't sleep very well and so I thought about it during the night.

In the shower I decided that on some pictures, especially this first one, I would hand draw the muscle detail to see how long it took. I really want them to look nice since my name will be on them. I don't want to overuse the template and make them look like cookie cutter pictures.

In addition my new rubber stamp came and it looks pretty good. I've used the other "Posted" stamp for probably 15 years or so and I wanted to try something different so I had one of the custom ones made. It didn't turn out quite the way I had in mind but it will certainly work for what I have in mind.

So I had a nice evening last night. Ben didn't have to work so we rented a movie on Amazon and watched it. It was pretty good and it was great to spend time with him. I'm still thinking about the two teeth he needs to get replaced. Maybe we could do them one tooth per year and that way insurance would still pay for his cleanings and checkups.

I'll talk with Sue later and see what she thinks about it. The problem is that insurance has a $2000 limit per year and nowadays you can't do much for $2000. I really don't want to think about that now.

I was thinking about putting up an advertisement on my site for technical medical illustration. Now that I'm thinking about it, it doesn't sound like that good of an idea. It would take up a lot of time and may cause more hassles than benefit for me. I really do want to keep writing. This job now is a nice little diversion with a definite end and may actually benefit me by freshening me up for the writing. If I were doing it into the future it might become more like a regular job. It certainly won't make me rich. But I do like drawing and solving all the little problems that come along with a project like that.

Maybe that's enough for today and I should get on with my drawing. I will try to keep track of the time I spend on this so that I can get an idea of how this will go.

More later,

(Image if a Google Street View digitally enhanced by Jamal Masood)


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