Quite Cold Thursday

It's now about 10 AM and it's quite cold outside. Cold but sunny. Cruel but fair. Right now the dogs are outside on patrol for all things that would threaten their home (including grounds). They are doing a slap bang job of it too.

Anna is here now and the dogs have come inside because they want to be around her. They both like her a lot. Scout likes her but he's shy to come up to her, so he sits on the couch and peeks at her.

Smudge is walking about in the house checking on everyone. He's like the host at a party, he has to check on all the guests.

I had a bad night's sleep and I don't know what it was about. I had very strange dreams. The dreams involved my legs, especially the right one. My lower legs itched as well. My thoughts were mixed up and I felt as though something was wrong but I couldn't identify what it was. I sat up and checked my glucose, it was 115. I looked at my legs to see if I had hives. None. I remember waking up with hives in the early 1970's. I had a period of a few years when I had dermatagraphia and hives if I had the barest abrasion. I finally got some antihistamines. from a surgeon and that took care of it.

I checked myself for a stroke, my pulse was OK and regular. I wondered about an allergic reaction to the nutmeg. However I took 50 mg of benadryl before bedtime, so that might unlikely. This was approximately four hours after I had the nutmeg. I wasn't sweating, but I was uncomfortable and worried about going back to sleep, because I just didn't know what was going on.

The only other thing out of the ordinary was the meatballs we had for dinner. A gluten free meatball they had at Costco. I hadn't heard anything from any of the other family members about it. I will ask them later about it.

I cannot remember the name of it and it looks like the chances of finding the name of it are very very low. It was a prescription antihistamine is as much as I can remember. Almost anything of use was by prescription back then. I remember when tagamet and ibuprofen came out they were by prescription only. Even Mylanta was by prescription. I remember a promotional keychain from one of the drug companies that said, "Mylanta - Your Money Maker."

That was pretty bold, even for that time. It's still true today, they just realized that someone was watching them.

Fedex just delivered a little box and the dogs went to DOGCON-3 which involves very loud warning barks and running to the doors or windows to see if they can tell where the sound of a car or truck is coming from .

If they're outside they run to the fence and some of the times, the driver will give them a dog treat, especially the regular guys. I don't know if they give all the dogs on their routes treats. It would run into money if they did. Maybe they just give cookies to the dogs that wag their tails at them and smile. I suspect most dogs are happy to see the delivery guys if they don't yell at the dogs.

More later,


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