Future Immersion

The new year came in last night and I was awake for it, waiting for my daughter to come home. There was some fireworks but not as many as the past years. Enough to make the young dog, Smudge, growl in complaint a couple times. When the noise began, they both went down to one of the kid's empty rooms and stayed until the noise subsided. I guess if it's dark, it's not as loud.

Other than that, I watched a couple movies to see the New Year in.

I saw a movie called Remember which was very good in the twists and turns. I watched one with Sue called Florence Foster Jenkins which was kind of sweet and sad. I rented another called Solace with Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell which had an interesting premise that kept things interesting. It was a little bit like Next with Nicholas Cage.

I also learned that VideoStudio can use subtitles and do stop motion videos which sounds like it would be fun to try. Wallace and Grommit, woohoo.

Other than that, it was not a good night's sleep until later in the morning when I had a dream about going down a side street, a badly kept side street on a motorcycle of some type and then turning around and coming back out when I couldn't find the posted paperwork for some kind of small area council rule.

The angry and backwards occupants of the neighborhood came out and threatened me with grievance bodily harm and mayhem. I was very worried that they would take physical action against me and I wouldn't be able to get out of there. They were quite upset and I tried to mollify them with talk but it didn't work.

Eventually I ended up in a paneled room, like in a trailer, with them. This was where they met as a community to talk things over and I told them that the secure cover on the gas lever didn't have to be a big expensive thing and that I wasn't looking to sell them anything. I told them some plywood with hollow block on top would probably suffice to cover the council ruling and that it was none of my business anyway.

There were a couple guys I saw out the window who were randomly shooting arrows into the air for no reason I could see.

That's about where I left it because I kept waking up to noise in the house. It was quite late anyway and I needed to get up and get on with stuff just like this.

So let that be a lesson to us all.

More later,


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