A Half Step Back

It's OK to slip back for a moment once in a while. There's so much depth we miss when we move quickly. There aren't any signs to tell us to pay attention, this a moment of quality. I think sometimes we stop, expecting to see it and then feel disappointment when it doesn't knock us off our feet. It's not until later we feel the importance of the event.

I don't know why I started there but it felt like something I needed to say. But now that it's over, let's type.

OK the night, let's see. For a couple hours it was good, but not until after 5 or 6. A couple interesting dreams. In one dream, someone was showing me around their new house and it was ridiculously big. The living room looked like a furniture store with dozens of living room furniture sets spread throughout the room in every conceivable style and the room was enormous. I asked what the deal was and they said, that it was the new style of house. We then went into the other rooms and they were all big for the sake of big. Then a lot of people were in the rooms and again, the person said that was how houses were now. I asked if they had to pay the property taxes on the house and the person looked at me and said he didn't know anything about that. I said the taxes must be ruinous. They said, whatever. We looked around a little bit more and I said good luck with the house and tried to figure out thow to get back to my car.

I think this probably came from my tirade of yesterday when I got burned up thinking about what assholes Americans are in general. Most of the younger people feel like they have huge entitlement. I'm not at all sure they produce to support the entitlement. It started with this white Dodge Charger that ran up on our car, honking and carrying on yesterday when Ashton pulled out a little short in front of it and then didn't accelerate enough to suit this pile of shit.

Tinted windows, so I couldn't see who or what was driving, got a picture of it though. Rushed up behind her, honking like he/she/it was going to ram her. A coward move. Then jumped on it and passed us and stood on it like they were in a huge hurry to go someplace important. When we got to the light three miles farther in, there he/she sat at the light waiting to go. Click, picture time. So we stayed next to this big in a hurry POS all the way up College St and sure enough, then it signals and pulls into one of those cookie cutter apartment places. Really going someplace. In a hurry to get back to the apartment to see TV probably.

Cheesed me off. So then later we're coming home and we pull into RiteAid to pick up a prescription. There are two lanes and both were full, so we pull up behind the car on the right. The left car leaves first and I say just stay in the right lane, we're in no hurry. So this other car pulls up behind us and looks at us like, do we want to go into the left lane. Nice enough, right? So I tell Ashton to wave them up to the left lane, you know, let them go into the next serve position, like I said, we're in no hurry. We're having a nice talk. So they pull up into the left slot. Pretty soon the car in front of us pulls out and we pull up. Now, remember that the other car pulled up to the other station first, we let them.

It's important to know that the vacuum tube stations at this RiteAid are way far away from the store building, I don't think the pharmacy people inside can see us. Maybe there's a dinger or something. But we pull up and Ashton pushes the button. A minute later a lady says, "I'll be right with you." OK. No big deal, we wait.

So we're talking and I'm not paying a lot of attention to the other car in the other lane, the one we let pull up, because, what, I don't care a lot what's happening over there. Then the lady comes back on our box and asks for my name and birthday, which I give. As I'm giving my info to the lady I look over into the next car, which I can see just past our intercom box, and I see the lady whose driving the next car looking at me furiously, and I understand that the pharmacy lady hadn't spoken to her yet.

So picture this. The driver in the other car is mad because, the pharmacy lady is helping me first, even though we got there first and then let their car pull up first, and we have nothing to do with how the pharmacy works. What the fuck is that about? This after the White Charger and a couple other things that had happened and I'm starting to lose it with people out on the street.

This lady driving the other car was pissed at me because she was ENTITLED to be helped first by the distant pharmacy person, even though we let her pull up first. I guess she was expecting me to say to the pharmacy person, Oh no, wait on the other car first because we let them go ahead of us. As it was, the pharmacy spoke to the other car a couple seconds after talking with us. The other car even left the station first, before us. But at the time the whole scene struck me once again as pure arrogance without a shred of grace on the part of the other driver.

Today's crop of Americans are self-centered, arrogant, childish, baby-shit whiners who think that they own the world and all its resources. They believe everything the movies and TV tell them about how great they are and they have no sense of responsibility. They borrow too much much to buy big cars and trucks, big houses, big shoes, and then when the system collapses they claim that the government owes them a bailout. Bullshit. You need to spend what you can afford and not more. Why if you have no savings do you spend $1000 on tattoos that say how tough and great you are?

OK, I got to stop now. I'm working myself into a tizzy over self-cremating assholes who believe in zombie and vampires and the power of the NFL to conquer the world. America - Fuck Yeah!

Much More later,


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