A Heaping Helping of Day

So moving right along. Not a satisfactory night. Sue has to work all day. She's probably not having fun so it would be good if I had some kind of dinner for her when she came home. No idea right now what that would be.

Ashton found out that she probably needs to go to a party in Centralia this afternoon so I don't know how that will work. Most likely it will be the taxi service deal. Anyway, the day is not going to be what I hoped or expected and likely it will be trouble no matter what I do.

Writing is not looking good right now because I still don't understand story structure. Bought a new book on story structure yesterday and it's not resonating with me. In other words, I don't understand what she's saying. She's introducing a single concept and hammering that phrase into every possible shape and saying, there, see how flexible it is. If she gave a single example of the what she's saying I think I would get it. She needs to jump to the other side of the equal sign and just tell me an example of the concept. Instead, she'll spend another couple chapters describing the concept and its variants.

I will start over and read it all again. In the night, since I wasn't sleeping anyway, I tried to come up with a simple example of whatever she was talking about. A something Throughline, or something like that. I'll get it. I can do this. But why doesn't the book just explain it what it's about.

I need to finish this up so that I can be ready to accept my other punishments. I can't account for my dreams in the night but there must have been some that were distressing because my morning hasn't been fun so far. There's some hidden stuff from the night that I can't reach that's bothering me. It's been a frustrating past few days.

For now, I'll just push ahead and see if I can make headway with the story structure thing. If I got that, I think that I would feel better and maybe use it write better stories. If not, then I'll be pretty pissed off. There must be a payoff to all this. I don't think this is asking for very much right now.

Need to get to Costco this weekend as well. Ashton and I were supposed to do the shopping but that's a goner I sense. Ben get's off at 3PM but he's going to hang out with his girlfriend. So if only I had the day to myself I might stand a chance. So much for that. Who knows, maybe I'll get somewhere anyway.

More later,


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