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Friday and rainy, overcast and cool. Ashton passed her driver knowledge test last evening and was very happy, me too.

I just let the dogs out to go on patrol. They thought they heard something outside and they take that very seriously. Just had to go let them back in because whatever it was ran away and they sounded the All Clear.

I was very pumped about how my story was going yesterday and then as the day wore on after I stopped writing, I began to question where I had it going. Thinking that it might be too much. That the turns might be more than a reader would think probably. He would, in essence, be riding horses into the ground as he crossed the United States to get to Ohio.

So now I'm texting back and forth with Ashton about her plans for tonight when she goes to the game. It's 1030 in the morning and she's trying to set up these huge complicated plans while she's supposed to be doing school work. I'm trying to get my writing done so I can go to a meeting and she's texting me about her plans for the game.

It's really hard to concentrate with the other conversation going here. I need to focus a little so I can keep typing and warm up for the other part. It's not going very well. I'm making a lot of mistakes. I'll change the background sounds here and see if that helps me focus.

I had some pretty vivid dreams this morning for the last part of my night. Nothing I can use in the story I think, but it was interesting. Crazy man with a gun in a hospital. I was trying to get people to help me stop him but couldn't get any help. I got shot in the foot and then had a dream within the dream that it was OK, it had been a dream, but then woke up to find I really had been shot in the left foot. Of course then I really woke up and I was fine, and I knew it the whole time. The gun sounded very real.

Weird dream. Not scary, very cinematic.

More later,


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