Benevolence Unhinged

We will begin our work today by looking at the things we have to accomplish before we dinner hour. The dinner hour signals the end of all productivity for the day and so we must work like little rodents to get as much done as possible.

Today at noon or thereabouts I must go to town to the dentist. I didn't used to mind going to the dentist but nowadays it's a giant hassle. I used to have all my teeth too. More than all my teeth. Now I got a big gap in my teeth. Oh weel, it gives me characters. Character is what you get that makes you look fucked up. Nobody every looked at a perfect baby and said, he's got character. But poke out an eye or give them a big jagged scar across their face and stand back. Here comes the character.

Character is like the booby prize in life. You wake up in a hospital and the doctor says, sorry about the leg, but whoo, check out the character. Nobody wants character. Not really. When you're young and stupid you might watch a movie and say, gee, I wish I had a scar like that. It looks so interesting. But you don't realize how you get those scars. You're too young. You don't know shit, yet. Just give it a few years.

It's like a tattoo. You're young and you stand in front of a mirror and think. There's nothing special about me. I'm so vanilla. I wish there were things that made me unique. I know. I'll get a tattoo. Then people will look at me and see the tattoo and think, that guy's done things and been places. Look at that tattoo. What they mean is, look that guy's been to a tattoo parlor.

If you wait a year or two and get a job and I guarantee-goddam-tee you you'll have things to point to and tell stories. Most of them you won't want to tell. People will say, why do you walk that way and you'll say fuck off, mate. Now that's a tattoo. Question: What's that tattoo?  Answer: Fuck off, mate.

So we're coming to the end of this warm-up. Thank you all for coming today. You've been a great audience. For those of you who weren't chosen to come up and play the game with us. Come back again, and maybe next time you'll a chance to play Who's that wanker?

More later,


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