The Push

A busted night. I need to cut this short. Warm up and get to work. Writing will get me out of this mess. It's time for the great drought to come to an end. I read some interesting tips last night about writing. Things that I do all the time. I am guilty of making so many mistakes while I write and during the rest of the time as well.

I will warm up and do the 5-plot drill and move on to piece. Today it will have a direction. I don't know what direction that might be, but I will put a caboose on that puppy and push it out of the door. Why does that seem unlikely? Impossible. I need to vary my sentence length. Break them up. Feed the reader in satisfying bites.

I'm leaning on the wrong part of the rug while I type. I need, I need. I  need to stop beginning sentences with the phrase I need. That is what I need.

OK so 5 plots:

  1. A man is found drowned in his locked house. All of the fixtures are dry.
  2. A desperate man finds a bag full of cash in the park.
  3. A man is carjacked on his way to Tourette's support group.
  4. A man finds out that his dog can cure diseases.
  5. A man finds a picture of a dead body on his phone.
All right. That is my 5-plot for the day. It might have been a little easier than yesterday but I that was a relative judgment. It was still hard. Golly, I'm nearing the end of my doing something and coming to the place where I must write the rest of the story.

Wish me luck. I will do my best. See how I didn't use the word, very, in that last sentence. Good for me.

More later,


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