It's Becoming Important

Another night, another morning. Every day that passes without me turning out something halfway decent I feel a little worse about myself and the world. My dislike of myself is growing. I need to get to work but once again I have to leave to go do errands.

I don't know what's going on but right now it seems like things are out of control. My thinking is pretty scattered as well. I don't know. I'm writing; I don't know an awful lot.

So now I'm sitting here and trying to think of something to type and I'm blank. I don't want to talk about my dreams or my morning. Time is slipping away from me as I think of what to do.

Ben left to go into town and goof around. I gave Scout half a dog-motrin. Smudge doesn't know what to do. I'm getting a headache. Some kind of day here. My hands are doing well. They are not hurting.

I haven't decided yet about getting an editing program to help me with my writing. I know when I'm using adverbs but I use a lot of passive verbs and phrases that I could use help with. I think that ProWritingAid is the best for longer works but the smaller programs like Hemingway and Grammarly help. I read that SlickWrite has a good Thesaurus. I should try it.

That sums it up. I hope I feel better about things iin a while.

More later,


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