Graphene Toothpicks

Slept all right and finally pried myself from the bed this morning. Trying to think of changes the Boxmaker story so that it makes more sense. I could picture it while I was in bed but kept drifting off.

The bad guys, huh, well the bad guys, the guys coming down the driveway, can't be police unless John's planning on fighting to the death. The story said they'd done this before so how does that fit in?

I will break and think about this after I warm up. It's a sunny, cool day. Filtered sunlight from high clouds making soft shadows. Very autumnal. I don't use that word very often.

Let's do the five plots here,

  1. A cab driver finds a paper bag has been left in his cab, it has $50,000 in it.
  2. An honest man is tempted beyond endurance.
  3. A man hits a pedestrian with his car and can't decide what to do. 
  4. A man believes he has lost his soul after he sees a child shot to death and feels nothing.
  5. Two brothers hold up a convenience store. One of them is deaf.
I really don't have a lot this morning. I need to figure out what I'm going to do and then do it. 

More later,


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