The Last Gasp

So a very very late start. But of course, I'm kidding. It's Saturday and I took the day off from writing for a little course of studying.  Now, at 10 PM I remembered I hadn't written my warm up blog for the day. Just before I'm ready to go to sleep, I remember I hadn't written anything. But it hasn't been a lost day.

This morning I watched several of the Sorkin classes and did some study of the ideas laid out there. I decided to look into his advice to watch a movie while following the screenplay. I chose The Usual Suspects and Sue and I watched it a scene at a time. First reading the screenplay section, then the video, then discussing the contents. It took probably about 3 1/2 hours to do it, not counting breaks. It was certainly worthwhile. While I've seen the movie maybe 8 to 10 times, I've never had the luxury of really dissecting it minutely.

It was very informative and I got quite a few ideas about stories and characters from looking closely at it.

Now having said that, I don't have any stories ready to write today or tomorrow from it. I also got some reading done in the King book on writing. The section on using the active voice and avoiding adverbs. Also the dialog attribution warnings. A good review for the common things. He says kept it simple and use small words.

I wanted to get something up here before the day ends just to show the flag and keep things moving. I wish I would have started a little earlier because I really do like writing anything a great deal. Even just crap is fun to write. I like writing.

I guess I'll have to start again in the morning. Maybe I'll come up with a story line tonight. If I don't I'll just start and see what comes of it.

So enough for tonight. See you in the morning.

More later,


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