WHOA! Where Am I?

Wow, it's 2:17 PM and I forgot to write my blog this morning. Kind of strange because I had a really vivid dream this morning and it's almost completely faded now. Let's see if I can put any of it back together.

It had to do with an old, old multistory structure. I was looking for, ah, some of it is coming back. I was to finish a study or experiment that had started back in the early 1900s. There some partial made loaves of bread. I guess. Some loaves had been made, others were still just wads of dough, uncooked and wrapped in plastic.

There were many rooms. I think it was an old hospital. Maybe military because there were records and glimpses of soldiers from WW1 there. The main doctor was a younger version of an actor, an old character actor who I recognized but I can't bring back his face now. His voice was much stronger and deeper than I remember him having in the various movies I'd seen him in.

One of the rooms was his private office. I was searching through shelves and shelves of books and papers from the 1910's dealing with different war-related afflictions. I remember being ready to give up when I came across maybe 5 or 6 loaves in a drawer. There was an old baked loaf with a dark red ribbon on it. It was to be compared to the unbaked loaves at a later time.

I also remember that one of the things I needed to do was to roll out the dough and cut it out in about 2" circles. That wasn't the problem though the question was how thick to make them. I remember asking some whether they should be 1/4 or 1/2 inch. I think that was Ashton. It was a question I'd asked her yesterday when getting ready to cut her hair.

I don't know why this was up to me. I was aware that I was surrounded by things from the times of my grandparents. It was a medical project that had to do with the treatment of soldiers from the war. More than that, I can't say.

The dream was quite vivid and I returned to the rooms several times. I wasn't scared of them. They were interesting. I could even smell them as dusty and musty. The smell of rooms long closed off and unventilated. Some of the rooms had open portions of the floors that presented a falling risk, but none were unavoidable.

OK, so I've reported my strange encounter in the dreams. I have no more details. Just BOLO and get back to me as soon as we hear something.

More later,


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